China’s gear industry needs to be upgraded, with both challenges and opportunities

“The impact of Sino US trade friction on the gear industry should be very large.” Wang Changlu, executive vice president of the gear and electric drive branch (cgma) of China Machinery General Parts Industry Association, said at the 2019 national gear technology seminar.

After more than 30 years of development, China’s gear industry has formed the most complete industrial system in the world, supporting the development of all walks of life in China. With the emergence of 5g technology, human beings have entered the era of intelligence. As the end actuator of the Internet of things, gear transmission will play an irreplaceable role.

The national high specification technology exchange conference of transmission industry was held in Baoji, Shaanxi Province from June 3 to 4. It brings together well-known industry elites, enterprise technology leaders and colleges and universities from international and domestic standards recognition associations, gear transmission manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, aerospace, communication high-speed rail, mechanical equipment manufacturing, electronic information, precision instruments and other “industrial chain clusters” The number of participants reached 300. The theme of the conference is “gear opportunities in the era of intelligence”.

“China’s general machinery industry, including the gear industry, is facing great downward pressure, challenges and opportunities, and is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading to high-quality development.” Wang Changming, director of the professional committee of China Machinery General Parts Association, pointed out in the report that first, due to the slowdown in the growth of the main engine, the demand for supporting parts and components decreased accordingly. About 70% of the products in general machinery parts industry are auto industry parts. With the slowdown of auto production and sales, the steady growth of general machinery parts industry is facing great pressure. Second, the outlet pressure is relatively large. According to customs statistics, the annual export of Chinese enterprises is about 6 billion US dollars, equivalent to nearly 42 billion yuan, accounting for a large proportion of the operating revenue of the gear industry. He said that the state has introduced many measures to agglomerate the development of the industry in response to unprecedented problems in the basic parts industry, including gears. At the same time, through years of market ups and downs, the transformation and upgrading of key enterprises in the industry is relatively good, and the anti risk ability of enterprises is significantly enhanced. Enterprises seize the opportunity, dare to invest, increase the strength of technological innovation, product innovation, management innovation and business model innovation, commit to high-quality quantification, and significantly improve the economic benefits of enterprises and their position in the national innovation mechanism.

China still needs to import a large number of high-end gears, only a few of which have reached the international advanced level. “The basic research of gear is insufficient, the accumulation of experimental data is insufficient, the production efficiency is low, the quality stability is poor, and the integrity control of gear surface also has problems.” Li Dakai, honorary president of gear Association, directly attacked the main problems of gear industry in China. It is pointed out that the automobile industry related to gears is developing rapidly. The transmission condition of new energy electric vehicles is increased from 6500r / min of traditional engines to 18000r / min, the torque is increased by 30%, and the fatigue life of gears is increased by 40%. Even if the car will be pure electric in the future, there will still be a transmission device, and there will still be no lack of gear rotation. But it requires higher precision, less noise and longer service life, which is both a challenge and an opportunity for the gear industry. In the future, the gear industry will tend to be flexible, intelligent, lightweight, electric and independent innovation.

Wang Changlu, executive vice president of gear and electric drive branch of China Machinery General Parts Industry Association, said that with the advent of the new era, China’s economy has changed from a stage of high-speed growth to a stage of high-quality development. From the perspective of traditional industries, rising production costs, increasing environmental pressure, overcapacity, industrialization in late developing countries and Reindustrialization in developed countries force us to transform and upgrade.

So how to transform the gear industry? Wang Changlu has his own thinking. He believes that a very important premise in the transformation and upgrading is to have a clear understanding and judgment of its own enterprise positioning, industry prospects and future development trends. The business model needs innovation. The competition of enterprises is the competition of products and services, and also the competition of business model. At the same time, we should reduce costs and increase benefits, “all expenditures are costs, all costs are benefits”. Giving full play to the important role of Internet plus and fully integrating with the real economy can create new opportunities for development. Needless to say, technological innovation is essential to institutional innovation.

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