Classification of spiral bevel gears

Spiral bevel gear is mainly used in high-speed and heavy-duty staggered shaft transmission, with small overall structure and large transmission ratio. It belongs to curved gear and is a kind of gear. Gears can be classified according to different ways. According to the different relative positions between two shafts of gear, circular gear mechanism can be divided into the following categories:

1.Gear mechanism for parallel inter shaft transmission, including external meshing gear mechanism, internal meshing gear mechanism and gear rack mechanism, such as spur gear, helical gear and herringbone gear.

2.Most of the gear mechanisms used for transmission between intersecting shafts are bevel gears, which include straight tooth and curved tooth bevel gears, among which the curved bevel gears include spiral tooth bevel gears and zero degree bevel gears.

3.Gear mechanism for staggered inter shaft transmission, including helical gear mechanism, worm mechanism and hypoid gear mechanism.

According to the different tooth systems, spiral bevel gears can be divided into Gleason system, orikon system and Klinger system. The commonly used spiral bevel gears are mostly Gleason system and orikon system; Gleason spiral bevel gears can also be classified by tooth height, that is, according to the direction of tooth length, according to whether the tooth height of the big end and the small end of the tooth is consistent, they are divided into standard shrinkage teeth, equal height teeth and double shrinkage tooth spiral bevel gears. The tooth shape of the standard shrinkage teeth changes in proportion with the cone pitch in any section upward of the tooth rectangle, and the tooth height of the equal height teeth remains unchanged in the direction of tooth length, The double shrinkage tooth appears in the double-sided machining, and its tooth height will be affected by the cutter head diameter. Gleason spiral bevel gears are mostly standard shrinkage teeth, while Oricon spiral bevel gears are usually equal height spiral bevel gears.

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