Analysis of influencing factors of helical gear cutting force

Two process parameters that have a significant impact on the cutting force are selected, namely tool speed and tool feed. Through the single factor test, the influence of two process parameters on the cutting force of helical gear is studied. The simulation parameters are shown in the table, in which the tool feed rate is the feed rate of the tool along the radial direction of helical gear when the helical gear rotates for one cycle during gear turning.

Simulation 1Simulation 1Simulation 2Simulation 2
Tool speed (R / s)Feed rate (mm / R)Tool speed (R / s)Feed rate (mm / R)

With the increase of feed rate, the cutting force of the tool increases gradually and changes linearly. Analyze the cause. With the increase of feed speed, the tool will cut more materials at one time, and the contact area between the tool and the helical gear will increase, resulting in the increase of helical gear cutting force, as shown in Figure 1.

With the increase of tool speed, the cutting force of helical gear decreases gradually, and the decreasing trend decreases gradually. As shown in Fig. 2, the rotating speed of the tool is higher, which is conducive to machining the teeth.

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