Composition of gear cutting system

1.Hardware structure of gear cutting system

Hardware structure of gear cutting system: main control computer and main control system are two important parts. A bus integrated industrial control computer is selected as the main control computer, which has the advantages of rich software and hardware resources, strong anti-interference and high reliability, and is consistent with the international development trend. The main control system is the core of the gear cutting CNC system. Its main function is to complete the function diagrams such as synchronous phase locking and electronic differential. It adopts bus structure and uses self-defined internal bus to connect interface circuit template, synthetic circuit template and synchronous phase-locked template. The synchronous phase-locked template is the basic template of the main control system, which has the functions of synchronous phase-locked control, linkage control and so on.

2.Linkage structure of gear cutting system

In order to meet the needs of gear machining, the gear cutting system has a six coordinate and, if necessary, a seven coordinate and five linkage structure, and two different linkage structures are set to meet the needs of different occasions. The main control computer selects the linkage structure according to the processing needs, and programs the linkage control logic of the basic template to form the required linkage mode. The coordinates that do not need to be added to the linkage are also programmed by the linkage control logic and free from the linkage network.

3.Software structure of gear cutting system

The software of gear cutting CNC system adopts modular structure, and the relationship between modules is complex. The gear cutting NC system introduced can meet the needs of gear NC machining, and the three difficulties solved have strong pertinence and practicability. The hardware structure of the system is bus structure, which constitutes various linkage structure forms required for gear NC machining. The system software has modular structure, reasonable function division and clear level.

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