Composition of gear products in China

According to the statistics of China gear professional association, in 2014, the product composition of China’s gear industry was 60% for vehicle gear transmission products, 36% for industrial gear transmission products, and 4% for gear equipment. In the whole gear industry, the proportion of vehicle gear and industrial gear in China is consistent with that in Europe, the United States and Japan.

At present, the automobile manual gearbox includes (heavy, medium, light, micro, car), shift gearbox of construction machinery, supporting transmission of large and medium-sized agricultural machinery, and motorcycle gears have been basically based on domestic production, which basically meets the supporting needs of the main engine factory, and some gear parts or gearboxes have been exported. However, in terms of automobile automatic transmission, it is still controlled by imported products. In terms of vehicle drive axle, active and passive spiral bevel gear, straight bevel gear and wheel reducer, most of them can meet the needs of domestic supporting.

In the field of industrial general gearbox, the entry of sew and other wholly foreign-owned enterprises has activated China’s industrial general gearbox market. Represented by a large number of private industrial gearbox enterprises in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, they have made rapid development in terms of product serialization, modularization, quality and technical level in the past five years, forming a fierce competition with international brands

。 Some products produced by Chinese enterprises have reached the international level, and some products have been exported to Europe and America. In the manufacturing of high-speed and heavy-duty gear transmission, through technology introduction and digestion, it basically has the ability to support China’s large-scale complete equipment and shipbuilding industry.

In terms of special and special gear transmission, such as non-circular gear, plastic gear, powder metallurgy gear, small module gear and so on, China has not formed a leading enterprise at present, and the technical potential of the enterprise remains to be brought into play. According to AGMA research, the biggest change in the American gear industry in recent 10 years is that the application of plastic gears is becoming more and more common, which is also the development trend of the world gear industry. At present, this has not been paid attention to by China’s gear industry, and its plastic gear products have fallen behind the world level.

In terms of gear equipment, in recent five years, China’s development speed is quite amazing. A series of six axis four linkage CNC gear hobbing machines, seven axis five linkage worm wheel gear grinding machines, CNC bevel gear grinding machines and gear measurement centers are all new gear equipment products with world advanced level that have entered mass production in recent years. However, on the whole, there is a big gap between the level of domestic gear equipment and European, American and Japanese products. The varieties of gear machine tools in China are relatively complete, but the specifications are not perfect. The development of host products is good, but the auxiliary machinery is still relatively backward, and the high-end products and automation products are insufficient. At present, most of the leading finishing equipment in the gear industry is still mainly imported.

In terms of products, generally speaking, some gear products have reached the international level, the market industrial chain of gear products has initially taken shape, and the modular, professional and supporting market system has begun to appear.

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