Compound forming of spiral bevel gear by casting and forging

Using traditional manufacturing technology to produce high-performance complex parts has become the bottleneck restricting the improvement of product quality and production efficiency. The forming process of parts is developing towards the near net shape of products directly made by multi process cross compound use. The spiral forging technology of the bevel gear is introduced into the spiral forging process of the bevel gear, as shown in the figure, so as to obtain the final product of the bevel gear.

Number of teeth38Modulus4.801
Pressure angle20°Helix angle36°
Pitch cone angle76°Tooth surface angle72°
Addendum height2.74mmFull tooth height8.85mm
Spiral directionDextralTooth width31.25mm

The casting process and forging process of spiral bevel gear are numerically simulated by finite element numerical simulation technology, and the process parameters are analyzed and improved to guide the actual production. The research and development of casting forging composite forming process for spiral bevel gear of automobile rear axle eliminates defects such as casting porosity and grain refinement by forging, and provides good toothed blank for forging by casting, which further expands the application of forging. The combination of the two is not a superposition in a simple sense, and their advantages and disadvantages complement each other, which can produce the effect of 1 + 1 > 2.

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