Customised worm gear sets

The worm gears are made of case hardened steel with ground bore and worm profile. The worm gears are made of (copper-zinc alloy with aluminum additives, silicon and manganese) special alloy. Chemical belongs to the group alloy material CuZn40Al2 DIN 17 660 (new according to EN: CuZn37Mn3Al2PbSi-S40) but is treated for better sliding characteristics.

The high chemical resistance due to aluminum additives. The drawings show ISO-tolerance worm gear like O32. If you are not familiar with ISO-concession call Framo Morat or the local distributor to get the exact features. Self-locking is affected by lead angle, surface quality, running speed, lubrication and temperature. A distinction must be made between dynamic (from motion) and static (standstill) self-locking own locking.Dynamic: angle approaching 3 ° with grease lubrication; lead angle up to 2,5 ° with synthetic oil lubrication. Static self locking: lead angle from 3 ° up to 5 ° with grease lubrication; lead angle from 2,5 ° to 4,5 ° with synthetic oil lubrication.

Lead angles are not above 4,5 ° or 5 ° self locking. Can neutralize shocks or vibrations self-locking. Several factors may be associated with lubrication, running speed and load favor slip characteristics to such an extent that self-locking is canceled. Therefore it is impossible for us to accept warranty obligations in respect of self-locking.

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