The Introduction of Spiral Bevel Gear

The plant is one of the most important devices used in many types of machinery. Gears enables the user to transfer power, motion and torque. Gears are power transmission efficiency of up to 98% and some of the most durable machine elements transmitting torque (Hamrock et al. 2005, p. 607). Applications are limitless gears and useful in many different settings. This chapter discusses the history, purpose and manufacture equipment.

The spiral bevel gear some very unique advantages over other bevel gears, the most significant of which is its ability to handle larger loads and torque. The spiral-formed teeth enables different teeth in contact at one time. To distribute the load over multiple teeth reduces the stress placed on each tooth. The disadvantage is most prevalent on the wear of the teeth of gears to change continuously contact and slide along its mating teeth increasing the wear. The goal of this project to help CNC Software, inc. parametric design of complex equipment currently does not exist. Parametric gear design is not readily available. We began the process with a more simple spur gear, then on to the straight bevel gear and defined at the end of parametric equations governing for spiral bevel gear. SolidWorks was our vehicle for modeling the 3D geometry. However, the process is applicable to multiple advanced CAD systems such as Pro Engineer.

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