Cutter path in cutting simulation of equal height spiral bevel gear

The cutting path of contour spiral bevel gear with extended epicycloid cannot be fully simulated in advantageedge software. The actual contour spiral bevel gear cutting extension epicycloid needs to revolve the cutter head axis around the shovel wheel axis in a certain proportion while the cutter head rotates. However, in advantaged software, the contour spiral bevel gear cutting can only complete the cutter head rotation and feed along a straight line.

Because the rotation angle of the cutter head is very small in this simulation, its trajectory can be approximately a straight line. In the simulation, the feed motion can be selected to replace the rotation motion of the cutter head to approximately complete the cutting of the extended epicycloid. At the same time, the actual feed motion in the cutting process of equal height spiral bevel gear is along the axis of shovel wheel. Therefore, slope milling is selected in this simulation, and the downward motion of slope milling is used to replace the actual feed motion. In this way, the cutting trajectory of equal height spiral bevel gear obtained in the simulation is an extended epicycloid similar to the actual trajectory, but there will be some error between it and the actual trajectory.

The tool path of the actual milling cutter after cutting the spiral bevel gear with equal height teeth is as follows:

In advantageedge software, the trajectory of milling cutter can be expressed as:

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