Establishment of induction heating finite element model of large spur gear

The module of large spur gear is 40, the number of teeth is 35, the tooth width is 80mm, and the material of spur gear is 45 steel. Due to the large overall size of large spur gear, according to the characteristics of spur gear, in order to reduce the amount of calculation, single tooth can be selected for analysis.

The simulation of induction heating process of spur gear requires high quality of surface mesh of tooth profile, but increasing the overall mesh quality will greatly increase the amount of calculation. Therefore, the surface mesh of the tooth profile can be refined. When modeling a single tooth, it can be divided into four parts, and different mesh generation methods are adopted: uniform mesh generation is adopted in the 4 mm area of the surface of the spur gear, and the mesh is dense; Uneven grid division is adopted from the surface 4 mm to the center; The top part of the tooth is divided by mapping mesh, and the rest is divided by sweeping. Solid 236 unit is selected for harmonic magnetic field calculation, solid 90 unit is selected for temperature field analysis, and solid 186 unit is selected for structural stress field analysis.

The figure shows the finite element model of single tooth, magnetic block and coil. The sensors in figure (a) and figure (b) are placed differently. For ease of description, figure (a) is called scheme 1 and figure (b) is called scheme 2. In both schemes, the inductor is located directly above the tooth width center in the axial direction of the spur gear. The total number of single tooth elements is 18920 and the total number of nodes is 81969. The total number of magnetic block units is 10123 and the total number of nodes is 15510. The total number of coil units is 11170 and the total number of nodes is 17479.

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