Design and Simulation of tractor gear system

In modern product design, the traditional experience design, analogy design and static design can not meet the needs of engineering, so dynamic analysis and design must be carried out. Therefore, modern product design must break through the electronic framework of two-dimensional drawings and turn to the dynamic simulation design of mechanical system based on three-dimensional solid modeling, dynamic simulation and finite element analysis. Pro / E software is a very powerful modeling software, which can easily model tractor gear system; ADMAS software is a commonly used dynamic simulation software, which can output the dynamic simulation data of the gear system, so as to provide data support for the optimization of tractor gear system.

In tractor gear system, worm is the most common component. Because the modeling of worm is more complex, it is difficult to model directly in the simulation software, so the Pro / E aided modeling method is adopted. ADMAS is a common simulation design software with good compatibility, which can be directly imported into the Pro / E software modeling model. The method of Pro / E modeling and ADMAS co simulation is used to realize the optimal design of gear system.

The 3D solid model of tractor worm can be directly generated by using Pro / E modeling, which is generally saved in IGES and Parasolid formats. This file format can be directly imported into ADMAS software to generate rigid model. After the model is determined in ADMAS, the displacement constraint and load constraint are defined, and the model is simulated and analyzed, and the calculation results are output.

In order to improve the design efficiency and accuracy of tractor gear system, Pro / E and ADAMS software are introduced into the design process of gear system. Through the method of proe modeling and ADMAS simulation, the dynamic simulation of virtual gear system is carried out to verify the rationality of gear design and realize the optimization of gear system. Taking the design of tractor worm system as an example, the worm model is established by Pro / E, and then the model is imported into ADMAS software for simulation, and the torque output result is obtained, which provides data support for the optimization of gear system.

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