Design features century series worm gear reducers

● Cast iron housing provides equipment and support is rigid.

● Alloy shafting for greater strength.

● hardened and ground worm and bronze alloy gear for life to spend more. Provides a 30 ° pressure angle design for more efficient operation and greater durability – 20 ° – 25 °.

● The High-speed shaft bearings tapered roller bearings double C-face type models Quill.

● shaft tapered roller bearings for high speed input shaft models.

● tapered roller bearings on the low speed shaft. vThe’s 450 and 520 series of changes in the housing element or other components, but they benefit from improvements leverage and synthetic oils which are described below.

● Worms heat treatment has improved with higher capacity, and polished threads for increased efficiency and higher thermal ratings.

● Worm gears have been upgraded to nickel-tin-bronze with mechanical and thermal capacity increased, and face widths are optimized for higher horsepower ratings.

● located shaft models designed for mounting directly on a drive shaft driven equipment. Provides a positive and permanent alignment of the machine reducer drive.

● NEMA “C” flange Adaptor kits available for direct mounting to an electric motor. (page B-91)

● torque arm kits available See page B-95.

● * “QD” ® bushings provide the widest possible range of bore size, ease of installation and removal. Models are available in shaft located in suite 450 and 520.

● Thermal Block, Fan equipment is available and synthetic lubricants to increase thermal capacity.

● Provide design models is overhung load Drop support for trolleys, conveyors, agitators, mixers and other similar applications. Grease retainer board is looking out for mounting vertically up the output shaft. Large outboard is the life is long. Tandem Seals (Taconite) on the output shaft with grease and purge holes available.

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