Full recess action worm gearing

Besides action worm gearing recess reported, employs the system also leverage the use of angles greater pressure than typically found in conventional worm gear sets. The pressure angles used in the gear sets 20 °, 25 ° and 30 °. The use of greater pressure angles of the gear sets to have a wider width and still face conjugate action of the tooth forms to maintain. The combination of increased pressure angles, widths wider face, and use of materials high bronze alloy, results in worm gear teeth capable of bending loads significantly higher wear and loads surface.

Fig. 4 shows the lines of contact of conventional worm gear sets projected on the end view of the worm. The contact starts at the outside diameter of the worm gear and travel up to the outside diameter of the worm. Fig. 5 shows the contact lines series worm gear recess action projected on the end view of the worm. This progress of the contact lines across the face of the worm gear. The total length of the contact lines in Fig. 5 smaller than that in Fig. 4, but the position of the contact lines relative curvatural more favorable conditions so that the loading unit in connection with a surface stress can be almost twice that of the lines shown in Fig. 4. load capacity actually spend in Fig. 5 is about 150% of shown in Fig. 4. The loading of the worm thread as cantilever beam and loads must be concentrated in Fig. 4 whom loads applied uniformly in Fig. 5. In the lubrication of worm gear set that does the most good done on the worm gear teeth. Lubricant on the surface of the worm thread tends to be scraped off by the contact lines. The lubricant on tooth worm gear drive to the front of the contact lines. Through the same period of the thread engagement of the worm in constant touch with the same tooth of the gear.

Fig. 4 The lubricant on the thread worm practically exhausted at the left part of the contact lines so that the right part of the contact lines to see almost any of the routes. The lubricant on the worm gear tooth of the conventional worm gear set pressure ahead of the contact line toward the outside diameter of the worm. Fig. 5 The lubricant on the gear tooth and worm thread continuously swept ahead of the contact, resulting in more adequate lubrication if the thread worm and the worm gear tooth. A continuous testing program in test facility created that worm gears recess act capable of carrying loads higher gear with less gear wear. The increased efficiency of the gear sets results in less energy loss of the worm gear speed reducers.

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