Design is the intermediate gear processing technology

intermediate gearThrough using the gearbox,all kinds of mechanical processing method will gross-pui processed into parts, then these parts assembled into the machine. Method of making all kinds of materials, semi-finished products and processes, it is called a process. The course of this graduation design is the intermediate gear processing technology, the main contents are as follows   First of all, on the analysis of the parts, mainly the parts function analysis and process analysis. According to part drawing processing requirements, determine the determination of hair embryo shape and size of manufacturing.

The second step, select the base surface, determine the crude benchmark in the process of machining and fine benchmark. According to choose good benchmark, make two or more of the process route, through the comparison and analysis of technological scheme, then choose can make the parts of the accuracy of the geometric shape, size and the location precision technology for the first step of reasonable assurance.   The third step, according to the already selected process route, determine the cutting parameter and basic man-hour of each step, and choose the suitable machine tools and cutting tools. For rough machining and checking machine power.   Design questions, and then select locating datum, and then start cutting force, clamping force calculation and the analysis of positioning error. Then the design process for drawings.   Through the above, the basic design completed.

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