Transmission system is located in between prime mover and execution component

This design in all kinds of mechanical equipment, in order to meet the requirements of the movement and dynamic mechanical only used a institutions, is not enough, but several institutions according to need combination rises, constitute a mechanical transmission system to complete. Transmission system is located in between prime mover and execution component, its are basic task will be to the power and movement prime mover transfer to execution component, satisfy its different forms of exercise, movement rules requirements. The working principle of the machine is different, its transmission scheme is different; Even though the same principle of work, also can draw up a several different transmission scheme.

shaft gear

Modern various machine and equipment are more than on the gear reducer, generally USES bearing hole processing, and currently 1ta series boring coordinates are in single points, so in mass production to ensure its hole spacing tolerance, and low efficiency. A fine molding machine is a special machine, when using a series of molding method. Once processed clamping workpiece, hole spacing in design, and when the machine has two of the coaxial when spindle box, while processing by rail, which not only ensures the transmission distance between accuracy, but also guarantee the hole, and greatly improve the coaxial tolerance of machining efficiency. Can realize automation, production line. It meets the modern production accuracy and efficiency. This paper introduced a series of molding machine structure, working principle and control method, and automatic assembly line control principle and realization method. Level 2 gear reducer, cited in the design of the material, suffered the relevant works predecessors authors not shallow, in this somewhat solemnly to say thank you.

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