Design of spiral bevel gear test bench

The load contact analysis method of spiral bevel gear can quickly and efficiently obtain its meshing transmission characteristics, but the finite element method is different from the actual situation. Although the experimental measurement method has the disadvantages of high cost and low efficiency, it plays an important role in the research of spiral bevel gear transmission technology because it can obtain real data. On the one hand, the test of spiral bevel gear can comprehensively evaluate its transmission performance index, obtain the dynamic meshing characteristics of spiral bevel gear itself, and provide test data for the optimal design of spiral bevel gear; On the other hand, the correctness of the finite element analysis results can be evaluated by comparing the test results with the finite element analysis results. In order to test and measure the spiral bevel gear, we must first build a spiral bevel gear transmission test system that meets the test requirements.

In order to build a spiral bevel gear test-bed with multiple measurement functions, it is necessary to design and produce a spiral bevel gear transmission to meet the measurement requirements. According to the selected basic parameters of spiral bevel gear, a spiral bevel gear transmission entity with engineering application value is designed. Because the spiral bevel gear transmission is produced in a single piece, it adopts welded structure. The structural diagram of spiral bevel gear transmission is shown in Figure 1.

After the design of spiral bevel gear transmission is completed, a well-known transmission manufacturer is entrusted to produce it to ensure that the product has high accuracy. Figure 2 shows the entity of the welded spiral bevel gear transmission produced. The transmission has good transmission performance, stable transmission and no obvious impact noise.

According to the structural characteristics, bearing capacity and test requirements of spiral bevel gear transmission, the transmission test system is designed. The scheme adopts the electric energy feedback energy-saving technology, that is, the motor is used for power and loading. The power motor works in the electric state, the loading motor works in the power generation state, and the energy is returned to the power end through the DC bus. The power supply system only provides the internal loss and power consumption of the system, which makes the test system have the characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving. A speed torque sensor is installed at both ends of the test spiral bevel gear box, which can measure the input speed torque and output speed torque of the test spiral bevel gear box in real time. After being connected to the industrial computer, the transmission efficiency of the device is obtained through data processing. By changing the input speed and load, the different working conditions of spiral bevel gear in transmission can be simulated. Figure 3 is the system structure block diagram of the experimental platform.

The system is mainly composed of drive motor, input speed and torque sensor, test gearbox, output speed and torque sensor, loading motor, frequency converter and industrial control computer system.

The instrument system of the test-bed has manual control, program control and other control modes. It can be used for data recording, data processing, drawing, etc. In terms of design, modular design shall be realized as far as possible. The driving motor and sensor are designed on the same mounting base, which can make the test bench more compact. The test-bed has the advantages of simple installation, high degree of automation and convenient adjustment. The drive motor is controlled by the frequency conversion control system, and the power feedback control system returns the output power of the AC frequency conversion load motor to the power grid to form a closed loop, so as to save energy. The industrial control computer can control the working condition of the whole system and data measurement and processing.

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