This design is worm shaft’s machine-finishing process design

worm shaftThe ability of machine-finishing process design is one of the basic abilities which the machinery manufacture specialized scientific researcher, engineers and technicians are engaged in must be have.The machine-finishing process design as a basical subject that all the higher engineering course colleges and universities teaching took,holding the extremely important position in the practice.The machine-finishing process design has a significantly function which is deepening on the specialized curriculum elementary theory understanding and strengthening the ability to solve the function that the project actual problem.  This design is worm shaft‘s machine-finishing process design, it’s structure is rule, but the accuracy requirement is quite high.needing rough turning, Finish turning,milling, grinding, and rough turning is the key. Finish processing machinery is in the process based on the basic theory, combining the characteristics of Lathe, comprehensive use of various aspects of knowledge to solve Lathe in the process of facing the problem.   The machine-finishing process design is an important craft basis that guarantee high grade, low cost machine-finishing. The process design appears more prominent in the machine-finishing,therefore middle and small scale components machine-finishing process design is selected frequently to do graduation project.