Development prospect of gear hobbing technology

With the rapid development of information technology and material technology, many new technological achievements have appeared in the field of gear manufacturing in recent years. In 2013, the international organization for Standardization (ISO) issued the latest international standard of gear accuracy iso1328-1:2013 (E). After the promulgation of the new standard, developed countries such as Britain, Italy, Germany, the United States and Japan have adopted it one after another, while China’s current national standard for gear accuracy (gb10095.1 – 2008) is the equivalent international standard of 1995 version. In order to move from a big manufacturing country to a strong manufacturing country, the gear industry must be in line with international standards, and the gear hobbing technology and equipment in China will meet new development opportunities and challenges.

1) The development trend of design information and equipment intelligence. With the continuous promotion of “made in China” 2025, the development goal of gear hobbing machine enterprises in the future is to realize the “deep integration of industrialization and informatization”. High precision, high precision, high speed, flexibility and intelligence will become the main direction of gear upgrading of China’s gear hobbing machine industry and other manufacturing industries. In gear design, three-dimensional digital modeling and simulation technology is used to save production and trial production costs and improve design life; in gear hobbing processing technology, dry hobbing technology is used to realize green manufacturing and clean processing and reduce production costs; in equipment manufacturing, high-speed, high-precision, fully controlled gear hobbing machine is developed to simplify machine structure, Realize the whole digital and intelligent control of the cutting process, improve the machining accuracy, cutting efficiency, stability and reliability. The technological transformation of gear hobbing machine will take the intelligent control device technology of gear hobbing machine as the core, and be more specialized and practical. At present, compared with foreign advanced technology, domestic research is still in its infancy, but it is of great significance to improve the quality and technical level of gear manufacturing.

2) The application of new materials and new technologies will bring a subversive revolution to the gear processing industry. For example, the application of new plastic and gear mould technology, plastic gear will widely replace metal gear in some occasions. With the development of plastic forming technology and gear mould technology, the application of plastic gear will become a worldwide trend. The rapid development of plastic gear will bring huge market space to gear mould. Under the development trend of international plastic gear industry, the domestic response to the market changes is not sharp enough, and the supporting research is difficult to keep up with the market demand. Compared with the advanced level of foreign gear mold, there is still a great room for improvement.

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