Development status of gear die and forging industry

Gear mold is an important basic equipment of industrial production and an integral part of high-tech industry. Gear mold technology involves the development, promotion and application of new processes, new materials, new technologies and new equipment. Nowadays, people are more and more aware of the important position of gear mold in manufacturing. China’s gear mold industry has a good development situation. In recent years, the automobile industry has developed with an increase of more than 20%, and the gear mold enterprises and gear mold products entering the automobile field have increased significantly, such as crankshaft, camshaft, spider, connecting rod, gear, etc. Automobile enterprises also put forward higher requirements for the quality of gear mold products, prompting mold enterprises to improve technology and improve R & D level.

At the same time, the substantial growth of China’s mold export has driven the improvement of mold level to a great extent. Since 2005, the scale of China’s mold industry has ranked third in the world, second only to Japan and the United States. However, gear mold products are mostly concentrated in medium and low-grade fields, the technical level and added value are low, and the generation technology of high-precision and high-strength gear mold is not perfect. Therefore, most domestic high-end molds still rely on imported gear molds, especially precision and complex stamping molds, The import and export deficit of mold products exceeds more than US $1 billion. The technology of domestic gear mold manufacturers in gear mold production is still nearly 20 years behind that of developed countries. It is urgent to improve the generation technology of gear mold.

Although the gear mold is not complex, the large number of teeth will cause complex cavity structure, so it has high requirements for overall and local strength. At present, domestic enterprises that produce gear molds are better. In terms of plastic gears and molds, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province is the largest plastic gear mold production base in China. In terms of precision forging of bevel gears, there are Zhufang, Jiangsu spaceship, Pacific precision forging and other enterprises, The forged bevel gear is of high quality.

By increasing the stiffness and strength of the gear, reducing the failure probability of the gear and increasing the reliability, it can be realized by selecting better gear materials and excellent processing methods. Chromium and manganese steel are generally selected for gear processing, which has good strength and toughness. In addition, the processing method of gear forging can also increase the overall stiffness and strength of the gear. When using gear forging process to produce gears, gear products with better performance can be processed by combining the advantages of gear and forging. The forging of spur bevel gear and cylindrical gear are added.

Gears are widely used in many fields. The traditional gear hobbing, gear shaping, gear milling and other processes have low processing efficiency, and the produced gears have limited strength and stiffness. They will gradually fail with the increase of service time, especially in some important fields. Gear failure will bring huge losses to enterprises.

Gear forging can improve the stiffness and strength of gears, reduce the probability of gear failure and increase the service life of gears, which is of great significance to industrial development.

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