Development trend of gear heat treatment technology

1. Research and develop new steel materials for gears, such as 20CrNi2Mo steel, 17CrNiMo6 steel, etc.

2. Development of new gear forming processes, such as net forming technology and large gear welding technology.

3. Research and development of new gear heat treatment processes, such as direct carburizing technology, gear forging isothermal normalizing technology, gear carburizing preoxidation technology, low pressure (vacuum) carburizing technology, gear carburizing and catalyzing technology, gear quenching and controlled cooling technology, etc.

4. Research on deformation and control technology of gear heat treatment and precision gear heat treatment technology. Computer simulation technology, intelligent precision gear heat treatment technology, gear flexible manufacturing technology, gear integrated heat treatment manufacturing technology, gear heat treatment quality on-line control technology and nondestructive testing technology, etc.

5. Research and development of advanced equipment for gear heat treatment. HTAC natural gas gear (carburizing) heat treatment sealed box multipurpose furnace, HTAC natural gas gear (carburizing) continuous heat treatment production line.

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