Double internal and external mesh gear multi motor

With the development of society, mechanization is becoming more and more popular, and the level of automation is increasing. Because of its unique advantages, hydraulic transmission is widely used in processing and manufacturing, transportation, daily appliances and other fields. As an important part of the hydraulic transmission system, the hydraulic synchronous system is of great significance to the research and development of this field.

When the gear synchronous motor is used in the traditional hydraulic synchronous control circuit, the rigid shaft coupling multiple gear motors is often used to realize synchronous rotation. Based on the principle of controlling the same flow to enter the hydraulic components and then controlling their synchronous motion, this study introduces a gear synchronous multiple motor, that is, to install multiple groups of gear motors that mesh with each other and are independent in a shell It can replace the traditional gear synchronous motor to drive the hydraulic synchronous circuit better.

The internal and external mesh multi output gear multi motor and double internal and external mesh multi output gear multi motor are applied in the hydraulic synchronous control circuit, and combined with the application example in AMESIM Modeling in the software for analysis and research. Using the gear synchronous multi motor, not only can simplify the number of hydraulic motors used in the hydraulic synchronous control circuit, but also can improve its synchronization performance. In this way, the use function of two traditional motors can be realized in an external meshing gear motor shell, which not only saves space, improves the specific power of the synchronous motor, but also avoids safety The coaxiality error caused by the installation of rigid shaft is introduced into the hydraulic synchronous circuit, which improves the accuracy of the hydraulic synchronous circuit.

Using internal and external meshing gear synchronous multi motors and installing multiple meshing gear motors in a shell, not only saves working space, further improves the specific power characteristics of the hydraulic motor, but also expands its scope of use. It can not only synchronize the hydraulic cylinder with the same bore, but also synchronize the hydraulic cylinder with a certain proportion of the bore, adapt to different working conditions, and synchronize precisely Degree can meet the general use requirements.

AMESim based The simulation model of double internal and external gear synchronous multi motor hydraulic synchronous system is established. The synchronous accuracy, flow characteristics and pressure characteristics of four hydraulic cylinders and two hydraulic cylinders with different diameters are simulated and analyzed. The results show that: under these two conditions, the double internal and external gear synchronous multi motor can realize proportional shunt and realize the constant speed synchronous motion of the hydraulic cylinder Requirements.