Dynamic characteristics of gear transmission system under fatigue pitting of tooth surface

The five development concepts of innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing are put forward, green production and green transformation are developed, and new industries such as low carbon and environmental protection are promoted. In response to the national green manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing and other energy saving production methods, various industries and sectors have enabled the national economy to grow continuously and the comprehensive national strength to become stronger and stronger. A series of ideas and applications of green manufacturing technology in the field of machinery manufacturing have emerged, such as: theoretical system framework W, manufacturing transformation and development, green manufacturing processing technology improvement and so on. Application idea that grind Gui new technology, new ways, new energy and other green concept is a necessary conditions for the future enterprise development and survival, to the traditional field of mechanical devices and components from the design – production – applied to realize real-time monitoring and control of product integration is not only a security measure, the quality of product and product design using the benefit maximization, the limit of the product performance to show application.

Gear transmission is one of the key transmission application methods in mechanical transmission equipment. Because of its high transmission accuracy, smooth transmission, strong bearing capacity, long service life, high reliability and so on, its application involves a wide range of fields. Such as the national key project of three gorges ship lift with gear and rack device, international space satellite with high precision worm gear and worm drive device, large empty extension with high-speed herringbone gear turbine driving gear box device, unmanned helicopter with large ratio of compact bevel gear device, lift platform driven gear box in ocean engineering, subway and high Gao Tieyong parameter of helical gear transmission device, auto with bevel gear differential device, etc., as shown in figure 1 shows, visible gear is not only the industry development in the field of climbing the ladder, is also a symbol of national industrialization system construction.

(a) Parallel shaft spur gear transmission
(b) Bevel gear transmission
(c) Worm gear and worm drive
(d) Non-circular gear transmission
(e) Rack and pinion transmission

Although modern emergence of some high-tech products, such as urban rail vehicles on the magnetic levitation drive technology, robotic arm electric drive device and so on, but industrial and high-precision products for the gear transmission device is still one of the important transmission equipment research subjects in various industries. Since the emergence and development of early gear products, gear geometry has been gradually optimized and improved from the early rectangular teeth, and there are widely used involute gear tooth profiles, circular arc gear tooth profiles in specific application scenarios, cycloidal gear tooth profiles used in RV reducer, etc. Due to the differences in gear transmission modes, the gear transmission modes were initially driven by straight gears with a single parallel axis, and gradually emerged in various transmission forms, such as staggered bevel gear transmission, worm gear and worm gear transmission, point-and-line meshing transmission, non-circular gear transmission, and pinion and rack transmission, as shown in Fig. 2.

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