Tractor gear transmission mechanism based on mathematical analysis

In the process of tractor gear transmission, the transmission load is large, the running speed is low, and the transmission load changes greatly, so it is unable to take effective mathematical expression to express the transmission law. Due to the particularity of tractor working environment, the tractor is required to be small in size and light in weight. At the same time, the power of tractor transmission system is high, which puts forward higher requirements for the strength and service life of gears. In the process of transmission, it bears greater impact resistance and has higher requirements for tooth wear strength. In order to meet the economic and safety requirements of tractor gear transmission, it is necessary to ensure that the tooth profile of tractor gear transmission system can bear greater impact and the tooth surface wear is minimum.

For this reason, the planetary gear transmission system model is established based on dynamics. Through the dynamic modeling of the planetary gear transmission system under the standard design state, and assuming that all parameters meet the design requirements, the failure mode of the planetary gear transmission system is not analyzed. The existing research does not take the vibration mechanism as the starting point to analyze the fault vibration characteristics of gear transmission system. The failure mode dynamic model of planetary gear transmission system established by various scholars is only to model and analyze a possible mode failure without considering the time-varying effect of vibration.

The design and calculation process of planetary gear transmission system includes selection of transmission form (i.e. determination of transmission type and transmission diagram of planetary gear transmission system), calculation of gear matching and gear related geometric parameters according to transmission ratio and assembly space, as well as efficiency calculation of the whole transmission gear system, and checking calculation of gear strength after meeting the design requirements.

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