Dynamic contact analysis and tooth profile modification of helical gears

There are many methods about helical gear modification. Only the transient dynamic contact and tooth direction modification of helical gear have been studied. Further research is needed in the following aspects:

(1) When using the finite element software to analyze the helical gear, only the friction free state was considered, and the friction coefficient and the influence of the actual heat and temperature generated in the rotation on the material were not considered. There was a lack of research on the friction coefficient. Friction and humidity should be the focus of research in the future.

(2) Through CAE method to simulate helical gear, there is no corresponding test verification. Therefore, in the following work, the analysis results should be skillfully analyzed by means of tests to further improve the confidence of ANSYS helical gear dynamic contact analysis.

(3) When using the finite element method to analyze the meshing state of helical gears, there is no orthogonal experimental design. Multiple groups of tests should be designed to change the speed, torque and friction coefficient, and consider the humidity rise, so as to find out the main factors or interactive factors affecting the stress of helical gears.

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