Dynamic contact analysis of spur gears

As we all know, in the mechanical industry, spur gear transmission is widely used in a variety of mechanical equipment. The mechanical performance of spur gear directly affects the mechanical equipment. Therefore, the research on the transmission performance of spur gear has been paid attention to for a long time. At present, spur gear transmission is widely used in the form of mechanical transmission, Driven wheels rely on the pushing force of the teeth of the driving wheel set to transmit power, so they can operate continuously. Due to the meshing effect between the teeth, the spur gear transmission form has the characteristics of stable operation, fixed transmission ratio, high efficiency, large working range and anti fatigue. Due to its good transmission performance, spur gear transmission is often used in industry and agriculture, national defense and national economy. With the continuous improvement of production requirements, people put forward higher requirements for the performance of spur gears (speed, service life, bearing capacity, efficiency, etc.). How to overcome the load concentration of spur gears and make the meshing surface of spur gears have a series of problems such as reasonable stress distribution, which brings some difficulties to the research.

At present, with the progress and development of science, spur gears have also made great progress in production, manufacturing and safety detection. The research of spur gear tooth profile equation, strength calculation, vibration and noise control method, friction, temperature and lubrication theory have developed rapidly and achieved remarkable results. Among them, great progress has been made in the theoretical research of spur gear contact strength, new breakthroughs have been made in the research of spur gear bending and contact strength, and great progress has been made in the research of methods to prolong service life. Scientific scholars have made remarkable achievements in the optimization design of tooth profile and the R & D and innovation of new tooth profile, which proves that spur gear still plays an indispensable role in the production of modern society. The scientific research on spur gear further proves the great social value and long-term vitality of spur gear.

The mechanical failure caused by spur gear failure has always occupied a high proportion, and now it has been close to 60%. In the process of spur gear operation, due to the action of torque, there is uneven stress distribution. In the long-term operation, the part subject to the maximum stress is very easy to cause the damage of spur gear, or even the fracture of spur gear, resulting in production shutdown and great losses. Vibration and noise is also one of the important factors to the production safety.

Through digital virtual prototype and proe software tools, the spur gear is studied from parametric design to dynamic contact smart simulation. At the same time, the spur gear tooth shape is optimized to reduce the design, production and development cost.

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