Dynamic performance optimization of multistage gears in shearer cutting section

The ultimate goal of dynamic analysis is to design object products with high dynamic performance. The coupling dynamic model of the cutting part is established, the coupling characteristics of the rocker box and multi-stage gear transmission are revealed, and the dynamic response characteristics of the cutting part under variable load conditions are analyzed, which provides a model and cognitive basis for improving the dynamic performance of the cutting part.

The dynamic performance of shearer cutting part is improved from two aspects of rocker box structure optimization and multi-stage gear three-dimensional topology modification.

Firstly, based on the results of HyperMesh topology optimization analysis, the rocker box structure is modified, and the influence of box structure optimization on multi-stage gear transmission is tested under stationary random load and step load.

Then, combined with system dynamics simulation and fine tooth contact analysis, a new method of multi-stage gear 3D topology modification is proposed. By using this method, the peak stress and dynamic load coefficient of the cutting part of the shearer under rated working conditions are significantly reduced.

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