Efficiency with driving worm gear

The worm gear drive efficiency less than with driving worm.

efficiency with driving worm gear

Can the following formula is used: can Custom worm gear sets manufactured according to the specifications of customers in various versions and materials. Framo Morat supplies custom worm gear sets in a range of 17-125 mm center distance, with max. worm gear diameter of 200 mm. If necessary, Framo Morat calculates the toothing data, defining the materials and surface treatment, and provides advice for lubrication and torque loads. To this purpose we use a computer program based on the DIN standard. Vast experience Framo Morat gained all along 60 years of worm gear sets production has shown, especially in the case of short delivery times and small quantities, our customer to choose mainly for tools gear cutting existing own. The production method must then be examined on a case-by-case.

Crossed helical gears is nothing but spur gear, which meets the helix angle of the worm lead angle. The gliding surface but online. The result is a reduced torque or reduced life time compared to conventional worm gear sets.

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