The worm gear reducers

● Addition of 240 series (2-3 / 8 “CD)

● Up to 30% increase in mechanical power ratings. Meets or exceeds new industry

● ratings increased thermal capacity and increased efficiency

● Offers Hub City and” generic “bolt patterns mounting a bottom surface, and Hub City pattern mounting surface mounting top

● need eliminates the base plates generic

● Design Smooth case characteristics washdown improved

● by choice lube: 600W, synthetic, polyglycol, limits NO thermal when specified routes polyglycol premium offers housing iron

● cast designed for thermal conductivity greater surface area maximum for heat dissipation and increased ratings of thermal higher.

● Alloy shafting for greater strength.

● Worms improved heat treatment higher capacity, and threads polished for increased efficiency and higher thermal ratings.

● Worm gears have been upgraded to bronze nickel-tin with mechanical and thermal capacity increased, and face widths are optimized for higher horsepower ratings. Provides a 30 ° pressure angle design for more efficient operation and greater durability 20 ° – 25 °.

● Ball bearings on all high speed shafts 130-380.

● tapered roller bearings on the low speed shaft (Only series130 is ball bearings) are

● or HNBR Viton seals to allow higher operating temperatures and provide longer life. Like Accessory kits

● Side Flange Mount Bracket Kit (shown), is Mt Bracket & Vertical Shaft Kit (shown), and equipment base and torque arm kit available for models Universal Power Cube (see page B-87-97)

The upgraded features and improvements above REAL author of increased mechanical and thermal ratings of the new gear drives Power Cube. The ratings will permit increased downsizing for lower unit cost in some applications, or increased performance and life in existing applications.

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