Establishment of geometric model of wheel side meshing gear

Firstly, the 3D complex model (such as chamfering and other details) is simplified in order to reduce the difficulty of solving. Then the model type is transformed and imported into ANSYS for preprocessing. In the preprocessing module, the model is operated according to the requirements, and a series of conditions are defined, including meshing, adding constraints and setting loads. Finally, the module is solved by post-processing.

In CATIA, the model is assembled first, as shown in the figure. During the assembly process, the indexing circles of the sun gear and the planetary gear are tangent, and the gear surfaces are in contact with each other.

Due to the different file formats in CATIA and ANSYS, in order to import CATIA files into ANSYS software, the assembled files are saved. The saved format is Igs. Open the ANSYS interface, select static structure, select geometry, right-click to import the saved CATIA assembly drawing, and the format suffix is. Igs.

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