Experimental study on fatigue pitting corrosion of spur gears

Through the gear contact fatigue test-bed, the evolution process of gear fatigue pitting phenomenon and the vibration response characteristics of the system are studied

(1) The phenomenon of fatigue pitting on tooth surface is the evolution process of tooth surface through running in, wear, local gray spot belt, extensible gray spot belt, initial pitting trace, obvious pitting belt and other characteristics. It is caused by the small features of tooth surface undergoing step-by-step cumulative damage under load. It has certain randomness, but at the same time, it can not avoid the cumulative damage Process.

(2) The amplitude effect of dynamic response caused by fatigue pitting can be more than twice of that without pitting, which effectively promotes the reference of alarm value set by the system during real-time monitoring of the test, realizes the earlier identification of pitting characteristics, and paves the way for the later fault diagnosis and identification of gearbox.

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