Finite element modeling of spiral bevel gear pair

The meshing stiffness of cylindrical gear is usually calculated as a two-dimensional plane problem. The elastic deformation of single tooth is calculated by using the method of material mechanics, so as to obtain the comprehensive meshing deformation and comprehensive meshing stiffness. However, the spiral bevel gear is a variable tooth thickness gear, the tooth profile is a curve, and the spiral bevel gear transmission is a point contact transmission, so this method can not be used to calculate the comprehensive meshing stiffness of spiral bevel gear. In recent years, with the development of finite element analysis software, the calculation of time-varying meshing stiffness of spiral bevel gear by finite element method has become a popular method.

When using the finite element method to calculate the meshing stiffness of spiral bevel gear, the finite element model of spiral bevel gear pair must be established first. The finite element model should provide all the original data for the calculation, and the rationality of the model will directly affect the accuracy of the calculation results. Using the self-developed parametric accurate modeling software of spiral bevel gears based on CATIA and VB, a pair of spiral bevel gears are established, assembled in CATIA, and imported into ANSYS for meshing, adding boundary conditions and applying external loads.

The finite element model of spiral bevel gear is shown in the figure.

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