Forging process of helical gear based on DEFORM

For the research of traditional helical gear forging process, scholars and researchers at home and abroad mainly focus on the classical mechanical research and analysis methods. However, the traditional mechanical research methods have some limitations in the study of complex forming, especially the irregular gear forming such as helical and helical gears.

This helical gear forging process design method can not meet the needs of the development of modern production, and lacks reliable data support and effective scientific analysis. At the same time, in the process of helical gear forging, the influence of various factors on helical gear forging process cannot be directly and effectively evaluated and optimized, which leads to the increase of helical gear forging test cost, the extension of R & D cycle, the increase of production workload and cost, and the waste of resources.

The helical gear is formed by closed die forging process, and the forging process of helical gear is numerically simulated by finite element analysis method. By analyzing the velocity field, stress field and strain field in the forming process of cylindrical helical gear, and analyzing the defects existing in the forging process of helical gear, the design modification and process optimization of helical gear forging process are carried out to meet the practical production requirements. The closed helical gear die forging process can obtain helical gear products with high dimensional accuracy, good surface quality and mechanical properties.

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