Fracture failure analysis of aluminum alloy automobile gear

Gear is an important part of automobile transmission device, which has the functions of changing movement direction, changing speed and transmitting power. Compared with other automobile parts such as belt and transmission chain, metal gear transmission structure has good working stability and high transmission rate, so it has become one of the common parts of automobile.

The fracture of aluminum alloy automobile gear during its operation has become the main problem affecting the gear, and it is also an important reason for the failure of aluminum alloy gear. The aluminum alloy automobile gear will have obvious plastic deformation at the fracture part. The ductile fracture is generally overload fracture, which is mainly caused by the actual stress borne by the part section exceeding the material strength limit.

In the process of gear processing, there are many influencing factors, such as material selection, processing, accessories and maintenance. In order to explore the causes of this problem, it is necessary to study the fracture failure causes of aluminum alloy automobile gears according to the macro and micro characteristics of gear fracture and various influencing factors, so as to effectively avoid the recurrence of fracture accidents.

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