Frame idea of on-machine measurement of large gears

The main measurement methods of large gears are summarized. Based on the analysis, it is concluded that on-machine measurement has the advantages of operability. The scheme demonstration starts from on-machine measurement.

The so-called on-machine measurement is a method to realize the measurement by relying on the existing processing equipment, applying the supporting structure, motion transmission and other functions of the equipment, and then using L additional devices. In a sense, this measurement method takes the machining machine tool as the main frame of the measuring instrument, which belongs to the side measurement type. On machine can be online or offline. Furthermore, gear hobbing is often the most common processing of large-size gears. The resources that gear hobbing machine can use for measurement include bed, column, guide rail, transmission chain, rotary table, etc. relying on gear hobbing machine, make use of the excellent conditions of the processing equipment used as much as possible, add necessary equipment, and adopt effective technology to complete the high-precision measurement of large-size gears, Become the main task and basic point of this subject.

The on-line measurement method based on this idea overcomes the shortcomings of traditional methods (desktop and portable measurement methods mentioned above), and significantly reduces the cost of measurement instruments. It is not only economical and effective, but also can realize quotient accuracy measurement. This method is not only in line with China’s national conditions, but also paid attention to by developed countries, making on-machine measurement a research hotspot in this field.

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