Future Research on Nonlinear Dynamics of Involute Spur Gear Drive System

(1) Deep analysis of tooth bias torque caused by deformation of drive shaft and bearing and tooth error is introduced into the non-linear dynamic model. Based on the dynamic characteristics of gear drive system, three-dimensional modification methods including tooth profile modification and tooth profile modification are studied in a wide speed range, and Experimental Research on three-dimensional modification of gear drive system is carried out.

(2) Deeply analyze the non-linear dynamic characteristics of high-dimensional non-linear gear drive system, deeply study the bifurcation form of the system and the global bifurcation characteristics with parameters by combining the spectrum diagram, deeply analyze the global attraction area of steady-state motion of gear drive system by cell mapping method, and analyze the vibration strength stability of high-dimensional non-linear gear drive system in combination with practical engineering application.

(3) Carry out research on non-linear dynamic behavior of gear system with tooth root crack, drive shaft crack and other faults, analyze the influence of various fault types, fault degree, fault location on system dynamic response, guide fault diagnosis directly by measuring system dynamic response, and open up a new way for gear system fault diagnosis.

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