Research on Dynamic Characteristics and Optimum Design of Gear Drive System of Tracked Vehicle

For tracked vehicle gear drive system, firstly, the dynamic loads of main components in different gears are compared and analyzed; secondly, the influence of gear machining accuracy and dynamic balance accuracy on the dynamic characteristics of each gear is compared and analyzed; finally, based on the nonlinear dynamic model of cross-torsional coupling of tracked vehicle gear drive system, an optimization model considering the dynamic characteristics of multiple gears is established.Based on the optimization software, the non-linear dynamic program of cross-torsion coupling is integrated, the optimization platform is established, and the optimization design is carried out by genetic algorithm.The main conclusions of this chapter are as follows:

(1) With the increase of gears, the dynamic meshing force maximum of loaded gear, dynamic meshing force maximum of unloaded gear and mean square root value of no-load gear and maximum dynamic stress of each shafting show a decreasing trend as a whole; the dynamic load coefficient of gear transmission system under high gears is larger, and the vibration is more obvious; the load-sharing characteristics of planetary gear transmission under the overall rotating state are poor; the planetary transmission is supported by planetary transmission.The dynamic load of bearing is small while that of bearing supporting fixed shaft drive is large.

(2) Increasing the precision level of gear has little influence on the dynamic load of gear drive system in low gear, but can significantly reduce the dynamic load of gear drive system in high gear; improving the dynamic balance accuracy of gear does not effectively reduce the dynamic load of gear drive system in tracked vehicles; adopting dynamic balance accuracy level G16 can meet the dynamic performance requirements.

(3) The optimization results based on the dynamic performance optimization model effectively reduce the dynamic load of the gear drive system, which indicates the feasibility of the optimization model and provides a reference for improving the dynamic performance of the gear drive system of tracked vehicles.

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