GB / T 3480.5-2008 the first meeting of national standards project working group was held in Zhengzhou

On February 28, 2019, the first meeting of national standard revision project working group of GB / T 3480.5-2008 calculation of bearing capacity of spur and helical gears Part 5: strength and quality of materials (IDT ISO 6336-5:2003) was held in Zhengzhou. Technical experts and the Secretariat of gear Standard Committee A total of 16 staff members attended the meeting.

In the meeting, the experts introduced and explained the basic situation of ISO 6336.5:2016 and the difference between the content of ISO 6336.5:2016 and GB / T 3480.5-2008, and discussed the implementation plan of standard application and standard expansion project.

During the meeting, the drafting units introduced the technical advantages of the unit in the process of the standard work, and discussed the problems to be analyzed and discussed in the standard work.

This meeting is the kick-off meeting of GB / T 3480.5-xxxx national standard project, which has played a leading role in the revision and implementation of the standard.