Summary of 2019 national small module gear technology seminar

This meeting is the 12th technical seminar and annual meeting of cgma in the past 12 years. The theme of the conference is “new era, new opportunities and new challenges”. 36 delegates from the participating countries made speeches and exchanges around the theme, just like the previous sessions, and achieved excellent results. Everyone thought this was a practical meeting.

Professor Shi Zhaoyao made a keynote speech entitled “the world of pinions in the age of intelligence”. It is specially pointed out that the field of small module gear is sunny. The small module gear industry has formed an industrial agglomeration area: Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay area, which will have world influence; the current output value of this industrial area is about 11 billion, and it is expected to reach 40 billion by 2025. Gear products to mechanical and electrical modules to speed up the transformation! There are more opportunities for small module gears and micro reducers, with a large market. In 2025, the output value of small module gear industry is expected to reach 80 billion! New gear + gear quality + reliability = key technology and core competitiveness (whoever holds it will win).

Secretary General Yu Rennan made the work report of 2018 – “the results of the efforts of the supporting forces”. The professional field of small module gear is an indispensable part of gear industry association. Streams flow into rivers, rivers into the sea! The development of manufacturing industry can achieve the big goal of “made in China 2025” only if it is based on the deep research and refinement of each subdivision specialty.

In the new era, the trade association organizations will surely shoulder new tasks and responsibilities. The era of intelligence must be intelligent manufacturing. It must be the integration of multiple technologies in intelligent manufacturing. The association organization with professional division of labor must take the horizontal and multi-faceted integration to promote the vertical industry development.

Cgma small module gear professional should also firmly do a good job in helping the government. Taking the progress of leading enterprises in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Dawan district as the benchmark, the development of private enterprises in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces as the example, the engineering technology research center as the innovation platform, the technical seminar, work briefing, wechat work group as the communication and cooperation platform, leading the development of national small module gear technology to the middle and high end.

During the preparatory process of the conference, 47 papers from enterprises, universities and research institutes in China were collected and compiled. Closely around the theme of the conference: “small module gear technology in the era of intelligence”. It covers gear precision and standard, gear research and design, gear manufacturing process, gear quality control and inspection, gear equipment and other aspects. At the seminar, 36 representatives from home and abroad made an exchange speech. Intense and effective technical exchanges and excellent and effective technical discussions have been unanimously praised by the participants.

During the seminar, the paper review group repeatedly discussed and selected: selected excellent papers of 2018 national small module gear technology seminar – two first prizes, four second prizes and six third prizes.

During the period of free speech at the conference, many representatives felt that they had gained a lot from their speeches and hoped that the more successful they were, the more prosperous they were. I wish the development of small module gear industry better.

In the closing ceremony, Professor Shi Zhaoyao summarized the meeting: reviewed the development process of small module gear major in the past 12 years, affirmed the work in the past 12 years, and put forward guidance for the work in 2019.

1、 In April 2019, Guizhou qunjian Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. undertook the “working conference of director of small module gear discipline” to further study the work in 2019.

2、 I would like to thank many enterprises for their wish to host next year’s technical seminar. The undertaker will study and decide on the “working conference of small module gear directors” in April next year.

3、 Revision of “gear manual” – small module gear is included in “Chapter 6: small module gear transmission”. The first draft will be submitted before February 2019 in accordance with the division of work of the special meeting on the evening of December 2.

4、 The “Lifetime Achievement Award” and the “outstanding contribution award” are selected once a year. “Lifetime Achievement Award” is selected as the work plan in 2019.

Finally, Professor Shi Zhaoyao, on behalf of gear Association, expressed sincere thanks to Shenzhen Zhaowei electromechanical Co., Ltd., the organizer of this meeting. For this meeting, the Zhaowei team led by Chairman Li Haizhou carefully organized and invested a lot of human, material and financial resources to ensure the success of this meeting.

Dedicated to serving small and medium-sized enterprises is the foundation and commitment of cgma’s small module gear professional work. In 2019, we will make greater efforts to do a good job in helping the government.

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