Gear lubrication, cooling and sealing technology in China

(1) Present situation

The friction design of gear transmission, the development of high-quality lubricating medium and the research of efficient lubrication and cooling technology in China are far from the international advanced level. The gearbox failure rate is high due to lubrication and bearing problems. Oil leakage of gear products is common. And serious, which not only wastes media, but also pollutes the environment.

(2) Challenge

With the continuous development of gear transmission in the direction of high speed, heavy load, complex service environment and high reliability, the problems of lubrication, cooling and sealing will become more prominent. Countermeasures must be taken to fundamentally solve these problems.

(3) Target

Simultaneous interpreting the development of high quality, multi variety and less pollution lubricating media according to different transmission loads and working conditions. ② Research on solid lubrication, gas lubrication and self lubrication technology to meet the needs of gear transmission in special service environment; ③ Study sealing technology ‚ Develop various excellent performance and long-life seals to solve the problems of oil leakage and frequent replacement of seals in gearbox; ④ Develop bearings with high bearing capacity, high reliability and long service life, and change the situation that almost all high-grade gearbox bearings depend on imports; ⑤ Carry out research on tribological design and oil detection and fault diagnosis technology.

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