Verification of meshing stiffness model of hypoid gear

The spur gear is selected as the object to verify the model. This is mainly because the current spur gear meshing stiffness calculation method has widely used empirical formulas, which can compare the calculation results, and the gear meshing stiffness calculation method is also applicable to spur gears. Therefore, the accuracy of the above calculation method can be verified by spur gear stiffness calculation. Parameters of spur involute gear.

(a) finite element calculation results
(b) gear meshing stiffness

The finite element model is established according to the gear parameters, and the gear meshing stiffness is obtained by using the gear meshing stiffness calculation method. The finite element calculation results and gear meshing stiffness results are shown in the figure. From the figure, the gear meshing stiffness calculated by this method is basically the same as that calculated by Kuang method. Due to the consideration of gear contact nonlinearity in the finite element method, As well as the influence of friction nonlinearity, the calculation results fluctuate. The sudden change of gear from double tooth meshing to single tooth meshing makes the meshing stiffness of this gear sudden change, resulting in large meshing impact noise in the meshing process of spur gear.

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