Gear manufacturing level and gear box optimization design

The performance and stability of gearbox come from the level of design and manufacture of gears. For the manufacture of gears, not only the design work must be done well, but also the process must be adequately guaranteed.

Gears are manufactured in such a way that material requirements are met to avoid the impact of inadequate material performance on the stability of the gearbox operation.

Secondly, in the manufacturing process, it is necessary to correct the tooth direction of the gear according to the load calculation, and use carburizing quenching process to heat the gear effectively.

Gearbox optimization by design improves the performance of the gearbox and extends the life of the gearbox.For example, a mathematical model can be used to simulate the gear box, and then the gear box can be optimized with parameters.

In the design process, different optimization conditions need to be considered to improve the performance and ensure the stability of the gear box.On the other hand, it is also necessary to consider the economy of gearbox to ensure that gearbox can meet the economic requirements.

Because the operating conditions of gearboxes vary from region to region, the effects of extreme conditions on gearboxes need to be studied or redesigned specifically around the environment.

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