Machining Technology of Large Size and High Precision Spiral Bevel Gear

Spiral bevel gears are key parts in mechanical transmission field that transmit motion or power between intersecting or staggered shafts. During transmission, whistle engagement of gear teeth gradually transits from one end to the other.Compared with spur bevel gears and helical bevel gears, helical bevel gears have many good performances, such as high overlap coefficient, high load-carrying capacity, smooth transmission and low noise.

Due to the advantages of the above aspects, spiral bevel gears are widely used in various mechanical products, such as railway locomotives, ships, automobiles, tractors, large conveyors, excavators, loaders and so on. To a large extent, the reliability and service life of these products have been improved and good economic benefits have been achieved.

Large helical bevel gears have two kinds of teeth, one is the circular arc bevel gears with a circular tooth line. The entire groove shrinks or equals the height of the teeth along the tooth length, which is called the teeth system.Bevel gears made of teeth can be ground when heated.The other is a cycloid quasi-involute bevel gear with an extended outer cycloid whose tooth height is equal along the tooth length, which is called tooth system.A toothed bevel gear can scrape its teeth when heated.The final accuracy of both methods can reach above grade.

To the extent of application, spiral bevel gears are widely used abroad. They are good power in the process of machine transmission and play different roles in various fields.Because of its strong bearing capacity, it is suitable for the bearing process of large machinery, such as automobile, railway, ship and other mechanical products. In a specific sense, large gears have certain applicability. Their diameters are generally over 700mm, and the finished gears also have high requirements. They must be above grade 5. In this way, the production has excellence and universality.

Overseas, large-scale high-precision helical gear is first proposed by a machine tool manufacturing enterprise in New York, USA. The manufacturing enterprise is mainly used in automobile production. This mode is mainly used in grinding machine and management of large-scale CNC machine tools.In the future development, the factory has improved this point by refining the gear, heating it on the basis of precision machining and grinding it by means of hanging teeth.

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