Gear meshing stiffness composition

According to the meshing movement process of a pair of gear pairs, the statically indindent meshing diagram of the gear pair under a certain meshing state is drawn in Fig. (a). According to the geometric structure composition of the gear, the energy reserve in the meshing process can be divided into gear matrix strain energy, gear tooth strain energy and gear tooth contact strain energy, as shown in Formula 1.

According to the conversion process between load work and energy reserve, the strain energy energy of each part is converted through the relevant intermediate algorithm to obtain the relevant elastic stiffness of each part, and the combined stiffness is made into the comprehensive stiffness of gear pair, as shown in Fig. (b). It can be seen from the figure that the conversion stiffnesses coexist in series. According to the superposition criterion of series and parallel springs, the total stiffness of the gear pair can be comprehensively expressed by Formula 2, that is, the matrix stiffness and gear tooth stiffness of the driving/driven gear and the contact stiffness between the driver and driven gear teeth are superimposed in series.

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