History and development of spiral bevel gear technology

As the basic component of mechanical transmission, spiral bevel gear is mainly used for the movement and power transmission between two cross shafts. It has the advantages of large overlap, low noise and high bearing capacity. A single stage can achieve large transmission ratio, compact transmission mechanism and small space. In the process of gear machining, the contact area of the tooth surface can be corrected by adjusting the gear machining parameters, and the tooth surface can be precision machined by using the grinding process to improve the accuracy grade of the gear. The reducer is widely used in heavy-duty and high-speed transmission occasions, such as automobile, aviation, high-precision machine tools, marine engineering machinery, mining machinery and other fields. Spiral bevel gear has been put forward as early as two centuries ago. This mechanical transmission technology has also developed very mature, but modern engineering practice has become more and more demanding on it, so it is also a technology full of development opportunities.

The theoretical research level and machining technology level of spiral bevel gears can reflect the development level of a country in the field of mechanical transmission, and it is also an important symbol of the development level of machinery. Two centuries ago, with the in-depth study of spatial meshing theory, the concept of spiral bevel gear was put forward, but because the social productivity was still very backward at that time, the production technology and means of production were limited, and the theory of spiral bevel gear was very imperfect, spiral bevel gear could not be processed at that time, so that spiral bevel gear changed from concept to reality with the emergence of modern machine tools, A century has passed.

After two centuries of development, the theoretical system of spiral bevel gear based on traditional machining technology tends to be perfect, and the gear precision processed on traditional mechanical machine tools almost reaches the limit. Under the background of manufacturing informatization and the harsh requirements of modern engineering practice, it is necessary to supplement and improve the theoretical system of spiral bevel gears. For example, spiral bevel gears processed on modern CNC machine tools are still designed and adjusted according to the processing theory on traditional machine tools. With the rapid development of computer technology and CNC technology, The theory of spiral bevel gear technology under the condition of numerical control needs to be further developed.