How to choose gear motor

Electric motor is a kind of rotary electric machine, which transforms electric energy into mechanical energy. It mainly consists of an electromagnet winding or distributed stator winding used to generate magnetic field and a rotating armature or rotor. Under the action of the rotating magnetic field of the stator winding, the current in the squirrel cage aluminum frame of the armature passes through and is driven by the magnetic field to make it rotate. Some of these machines can be used as motors or generators. It is a machine that transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy. Usually, the working part of the motor makes rotary motion, this kind of motor is called rotor motor; there are also linear motion, which is called linear motor. Motors can provide a wide range of power, from milliwatts to kilowatts. Machine tools and water pumps need to be driven by electric motors; electric locomotives and elevators need to be driven by electric motors. Electric fans, refrigerators, washing machines and even all kinds of electric toys in family life are inseparable from electric motors. Electric motor has been used in all aspects of modern social life.

Motor model is a kind of code that is used to facilitate the use, design, manufacturing and other departments to carry out business contact and simplify the description of product name, specification and type in technical documents.

Product code is composed of motor type code, characteristic code and design serial number.

Motor type code: Y – asynchronous motor; t – synchronous motor;

The Chinese phonetic alphabet used to represent the performance, structure or use of the motor. Such as ex (increased safety), ExB (flameproof), exp (positive pressure), etc.

Design serial number is expressed by center height, core outer diameter, frame number, flange code, frame length, core length, power, speed or series.

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