Improved data preprocessing process of fan condition monitoring based on physical structure of gearbox

The improved data preprocessing process is a method to extract effective data by combining gearbox configuration with real-time data acquisition at the data source end. It includes the following steps:

(1) The control center sends the configuration information of each fan to the data acquisition equipment of each fan, and updates the local configuration information after receiving the corresponding gearbox configuration information;

(2) The control center remotely controls the acquisition, and the acquisition equipment collects data according to the configuration;

(3) The acquisition device preprocesses the collected data combined with the gearbox configuration information, and stores the preprocessed data and gearbox configuration to the local;

(4) The fan control center polled each acquisition device to obtain the data file of each fan;

(5) After receiving the data, the fan control center directly analyzes the depth data, stores the analysis results, and judges the health status of the fan.

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