Influence of crack size on stress intensity factor at crack front of heavy duty gear

The figure is a graph of the leading edge mode I stress intensity factor of a semicircular crack with a radius of 1.2mm, 1.4mm and 1.6mm when a torque of 200N · m is applied to the driving wheel with a semi elliptical crack, in order to study the variation law of the crack size under the influence of mode I stress intensity factor.

According to the analysis diagram, the increase of crack radius will lead to the increase of the maximum value of K I. It can be seen that when the crack radius is 1.2mm, the maximum value of K I is 12.6mpa · MM1 / 2; When the crack radius is 1.6mm, the maximum value of K I is 698mpa · MML / 2. Under the same load, the crack front K I will increase with the increase of semicircular crack radius.

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