Influence of geometric parameters on precision forging of spiral bevel gears

There are still some difficulties in the precision forging process, so the forging of spiral bevel gear has not been applied in the factory. Some factors affecting the forging of spiral bevel gear, such as geometric factors, forming difficulty, die difficulty and the feasibility of continuous machining, are analyzed from the geometric parameters of spiral bevel gear, and the corresponding stroke load curve is obtained through group simulation experiment, Comparing the results can describe the influence of geometric parameters on forging difficulty, and help to design the die cavity of spiral bevel gear forging.

The geometric parameters affecting the precision forging of spiral bevel gear can be analyzed from its basic parameters (such as tooth number, modulus, pressure angle, tooth width, helix angle, face cone angle, height modification coefficient, etc.), and the main influencing factors can be found out through comparison. Two factors, pitch cone angle and forging volume, are selected as examples for analysis.

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