Simulation of precision forging process of spiral bevel gear by DEFORM-3D

Import the cold precision forging die and blank model of spiral bevel gear into DEFORM-3D software. The specific steps are as follows:

Through UG software, the precision forging die of spiral bevel gear is exported to the blank model through the file interface and saved as * STL format file, which can support the reading of DEFORM-3D software. It is a general form of 3D model interface.

Open DEFORM-3D software, select file → new problem command, select DEFORM-3D preprocessor option to enter the pre-processing window, and the new simulation problem is 41-11-mosu1 27 Dalun, set the simulation control, the unit is Si, the simulation type is “deformation”, the forging blank of spiral bevel gear is set as the default plastic body, the temperature is set as 20 ℃ by default, and then load the material of the blank, click “material database”, select steel AISI-1045, cold [70F (20c)] in the material library, and then load the material. In addition, The simulated material can be selected according to the blank, which can improve the accuracy of simulation.

The three-dimensional model of the blank is imported through the “geometry” option to check whether the geometry has defects, and then meshing is carried out. The software has the function of automatic meshing, which is more convenient to use. Due to the precision forging simulation of spiral bevel gear, about 300000 meshes are adopted. The increase of the number of meshes reduces the volume of each element and makes the simulation more realistic, The blank with grid is shown in Figure 1.

Click the “add object” command, add the upper and lower molds, and then import the upper and lower molds. The upper mold is named top die and the lower mold is named bottom die. Then use the position relationship command to set the position so that the upper and lower molds are in contact with the blank, and the contact rate is set to 0.0001. The adjusted spiral bevel gear mold and blank are shown in Figure 2.

Click the “motion setting” command to set the motion of the upper die. The simulation adopts the motion mode with the x-axis as the central axis and along the negative direction of the x-axis, with the speed of 1mm / sec. Then set the steps, step size, storage step size and other parameters, set the motion setting of the upper die, and complete the setting of the movement of the spiral bevel gear die.

The contact relationship between the die and blank of spiral bevel gear needs to be set, including parameters such as friction model and friction coefficient. The friction model is selected as the constant shear stress friction model, and the friction coefficient is selected as the cold precision forging coefficient of 0.12, which is applied to all contact relationships and generated to complete the setting.

After setting, check the file error of the set parameters. There are no red exclamation marks and yellow question marks, indicating that the parameter settings are correct, and a solution file, namely DB file, can be generated; Close the pre-processing window and return to the main window of DEFORM-3D program to run the DB file. The main program prompts normal stop: the assigned steps have been completed, the solution operation is completed, and the process simulation is completed.

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