Influence of heat treatment process on corrosion performance of Automobile Gears

In the process of automobile manufacturing, as an important part of the transmission system, the quality of the gear directly affects the usability and reliability of the whole vehicle. The main factors affecting the quality of automobile gears are materials and heat treatment process. Heat treatment makes the gears obtain many required properties, and its quality directly affects the service life of the gears.

(1) The automobile gear 20mncr5 steel with normalizing pre heat treatment has serious corrosion in NaCl solution.

(2) The corrosion of 20mncr5 steel for automobile gear pretreated by isothermal annealing in NaCl solution is small, which is much lower than that of normalizing treatment.

(3) From the perspective of corrosion resistance, isothermal annealing is preferred for the pre heat treatment process of automobile gears.

At present, the heat treatment processes of automobile gears mainly include normalizing, isothermal annealing and chemical heat treatment after forging. In order to further improve the quality of automobile gears, people have done more research on automobile gears and their heat treatment process, but there are few reports on the corrosion performance of automobile gears by heat treatment process. The corrosion properties of automotive gears under two heat treatment processes of normalizing and isothermal annealing were studied, and the effect of heat treatment process on the corrosion properties of automotive gears was discussed.

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